Budget of Annual Expenditure for FY 2016(Unit:1,000Yen)
Government funding for operating expenses Grant for facilities improvement Other income  Total
1,142,919 44,691 4,682  1,192,292

Site and Building

As of April 1, 2016

Facilities AreaSquare meter
Total Area 75,226.88
Area of Building Administration Building 7,442.15
The Information Center of Special Needs Education Building 1,901.89
Building for In-service Training 1,344.51
Gymnasium 1,697.86
Canteen 396.79
West Dormitory for In-service Trainees 2,064.14
East Dormitory for In-service Trainees 1,371.00
Research Facility for the Investigation on Daily Life Supports for the Children with Multiple Disabilities 231.46
Others 819.97
Total 17,269.77