Department of Policy and Planning

 The department is responsible for comprehensively planning and coordinating research activities and conducting analysis of data on policy issues, relevant laws and regulations, and administrative and fiscal policies on education for children with disabilities.
 It is also responsible for planning the evaluation of NISE’s activities; planning and coordinating the overall plan of NISE’s survey projects.

Department of Teacher Training

 The department is responsible for planning teacher training projects conducted by NISE; developing training programs; conducting follow-up activities for those who have completed training courses; creating and providing training contents over the internet; supporting teacher training activities in local areas; and online accredited courses for teacher certification.

Department of Information and Support

 The department is responsible for collecting, storing and providing information on special needs education; conducting activities (excluding those undertaken by other departments and a center) to build understanding and raise awareness of special needs education; collecting and providing the information and materials on teaching materials and educational assistive devices for special needs education, providing assessment and use of them, and supporting those concerned by the Portal Site for Special Needs Education Materials as the primary means.
 It is responsible for providing a wide range of information on education for children with developmental disabilities to teachers of elementary and lower secondary schools and their parents and guardians, through the website of the Information Center of Education for Persons with Developmental Disabilities and by opening the exhibition room of the Information Center; making efforts for strengthening the cooperative relationships with organizations related to developmental disabilities, as one of such efforts, conducting the "World Autism Awareness Day in Yokosuka."
 As support for school education, the department is responsible for building understanding and raising awareness on special needs education; cooperating and coordinating with school principals’ associations and concerned bodies; supporting and cooperating with schools for special needs education, kindergartens, elementary schools, lower and upper secondary schools and other educational institutions; cooperating with prefectural education centers and centers for special needs education, and supporting Japanese schools.
 It is also responsible for planning and implementing seminars sponsored by NISE, planning and implementing collaborative projects with parent organizations; and promoting understanding and raising awareness of special needs education among healthcare-, welfare-, and labor-related organizations, and cooperating with them.

Center for Promoting Inclusive Education System

 The Center for Promoting Inclusive Education System is involved in the comprehensive planning coordination of practical research aimed at the development of an inclusive education system, planning, implementation, and analysis of basic data surveys related to special needs education, study and analysis related to the education of children with disabilities in overseas countries, cooperation with overseas universities, research institutions, and researchers, and international exchange.
 In addition, the center is involved in activities including counseling support for local governments and schools established by local governments, etc., and collection/dissemination of information, all aimed at the development of an inclusive education system.

Department of Administration

 The department is responsible for formulating of the medium-term and annual plans for NISE, public relations, personnel affairs, budgets and account settlements, management of facilities and equipment, and support for activities conducted by other departments.


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