Teacher Training Policy

  Issues facing special needs education include seriousness and overlapping and diversification of disabilities, increase in the number of students enrolled in schools for special needs education and classes for special needs education, and enrichment of teaching and support for children with developmental disabilities. There is also a strong demand for the improvement of the expertise of teachers who are involved in special needs education. In order to proactively contribute to solving these issues, NISE conducts training designed to improve the expertise of teachers. When these training activities are conducted, a “Teacher Training Policy” is formulated which clarifies training background, necessity, basic policies and overview of the teacher training, implementation system conducted by NISE, which the training is based on.

In-Service Teacher Training

  Aimed at the development of an inclusive education system, NISE provides teacher training programs designed to develop leaders who will promote the measures, research and practices in special needs education at the prefectural level. The following programs serve as (1) specialized/skill development training for teachers who play a central roll in the education of students with each types of disabilities in prefecture, and (2) specialized/skill development training which responds to urgent issues related to both policy of special needs education and educational settings for a teacher who is in a leadership position in prefecture.

Teacher Training Programs FY 2016

Program Name Term Total fixed number
Programs for Specific Disability Categories Term1 Courses for Intellectual Disabilities


  • Training Program for Intellectual Disabilities
May. 9 - Jul. 8, 2016 65
Term2 Courses for Visual Impairments and Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Physical/Motor Disabilities and Health Impairments


  • Training Program for Visual Impairments
  • Training Program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Training Program for Physical/Motor Disabilities
  • Training Program for Health Impairments
Sep. 1 - Nov. 8, 2016 65
Term3 Developmental Disabilities, Emotional Disturbances and Speech and Language Disorders


  • Training Program for Developmental Disabilities and Emotional Disturbances
  • Training Program for Speech and Language Disorders
Jan. 5 - Mar. 9, 2017 70
Workshops for Leaders Involved in the Enhancement of an Inclusive Education System Workshop for Counseling and Support Leaders of Education for School Enrolment Jul. 14 - 15, 2016 70
Workshop for Leaders of Education for Developmental Disabilities Jul. 28 - 29, 2016 90
Workshop for Leaders of Promoting Joint Activities and Learning Nov. 17 - 18, 2016 70
Workshop for Leaders Involved in ICT Utilization in Special Needs Education Nov. 24 - 25, 2016 70


  NISE started providing teacher training programs immediately after its foundation in 1971. As of March 31, 2016, 8,938* participants in the Programs for Specific Disability Categories and 11,031 participants in other programs have completed each program. These participants who have completed NISE’s teacher training programs are playing a leading role at schools, educational administration agencies and relevant institutions nationwide.
*Including participants who have completed the former program “Training Programs for Special Education intended for mid-career.”

Extensive Support for Enhancing Qualifications of Teachers

  For the development of an inclusive education system, NISE conducts activities to support independent efforts aimed at enhancing the expertise of teachers in all types of schools since there is a demand for teachers to acquire knowledge and skills related to special needs education.

Providing Training Contents over the Internet

  NISE provides training contents as its "online lectures" in order to support efforts made by prefectures to improve the quality of teachers engaged in educating children with disabilities.
  Training contents are classified either as comprehensive and cross-sectional content related to special needs education (fundamental theories on special needs education, inclusive education system development, etc.) or content (outlines, curriculums, teaching methods, etc.) related to education on each type of disabilities. A total of more than 100 types of content are provided.
  In addition, it is possible to select school type as well as disability type and search for lectures to watch which can also be viewed using a smartphone or tablet device. Individual registration is required for those who want to view training content over the Internet.

Online Accredited Courses for Teacher Certification

Video Lecture  Aiming to contribute to increasing the percentage of teacher license holders at schools for special needs education, NISE has started, since FY2016, online accredited courses for teacher certification about the second column of Appended table 7 of School Teacher’s License Act for the field of the education for visual impairment and deaf and hard of hearing, especially with low percentage of license holders. In FY2016, curriculum and teaching method related courses will be available in the second column for field of the education for students with visual impairment.

FY2016 Course Overview
  • Course: Course Related to Curriculums and Teaching Methods for Children and Students with Visual impairment (1 unit)
  • Capacity: 200 persons
  • Course Period: October 2016 to February 2017
  • Fee: Free


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