As the national center of special needs education, the NISE Library collects and stores books and materials related to special needs education. The library also makes the books and materials available for browsing and provides services such as reference and document copying.
As of April 1, 2016, the library houses approx. 27,000 kinds of materials including proceedings and reports published by universities and schools for special needs education nationwide, in addition to 70,218 books including 13,480 books* about special needs education, and 2,519 kinds of periodicals and other serial publications.
The library provides new information, preparing the retrieval database to accumulate data as shown below.
*Books categorized as “378: education for children with disabilities” of Nippon Decimal Classification

Reading seats        Book collection
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The NISE Library provides the following searchable databases as part of its information services.

Retrieval Database Name Contents The Number of records

Covered period
Bibliographies related to special needs education List of titles, authors, and issue dates of literatures (theses, etc.) regarding special needs education, and names of publications in which the literature is presented 101,988
January, 1964 -
Practical research themes regarding special needs education Abstracts including titles and contents of practical research themes at schools for special needs education, etc. in Japan 55,273
April, 1980 -
Library catalog of NISE Catalog of titles, authors, and date of publications, etc. of books, periodicals, and other materials stored by NISE 81,247
October, 1971 -


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