Process of Research Activities: Planning, Implementation, Evaluation and Dissemination

  The following is the approximate flow of the process of our research activities, from planning, implementation, evaluation to dissemination. The process aims to reflect accurately the needs of actual classrooms in planning and implementation, to leverage the evaluations in improving the quality of the research projects.

Designing of Research Plan and Planning of Their Implementation

  Based on the Basic Plan for Research and other resources such as outcomes of past research needs surveys, each research unit is to discuss and investigate the theme of the project, design and create a research plan. During the process NISE is to gather and send out the research outline and invite comments from prefectural education boards and other interested groups (Research Needs Surveys). The units will then review the plans as necessary incorporating the feedback from the survey.

Implementation of Research Projects and Their Evaluation During the Research Period

  The research activities are then carried out based on the research plans. The research duration is, in principle, 2 years. An interim internal evaluation and an interim external evaluation carried out by external evaluators commissioned by the institute will be conducted on the project, assessing the progress on the middle of the period.

Compiling Research Results and Completing Their Evaluation

  The outcome of the research will be presented as a Research Results Report. The research project will be given final internal evaluation as well as final external evaluation by the external evaluators commissioned by the institute, in the same way as the interim evaluation.

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