NISE Bulletin Vol.12

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NISE’s Activities 

Research Projects for FY2012-2013 [187KB pdfファイル]                                            1

Research Summaries from the Final Reports of the Research Projects in 2012 [194KB pdfファイル]                                                          


Report on FY 2012 National Institute of Special Needs Education Seminar [163KB pdfファイル]    


Other Topics [257KB pdfファイル]                                                                          17

Recent Policy and Status on Special Needs Education in Japan 

Introduction [131KB pdfファイル]  
Special Needs Education Division, MEXT                                                                      20

Outline of Report on the Promotion of Special Needs Education for Dveloping an Inclusive Education System Leading to the Creation of Cohesive Society [144KB pdfファイル]    
Special Needs Education Division, MEXT                                                                      22

Recent Data on Education for Children with Disabilities in Japan [216KB pdfファイル]    28

Research Papers

Paper presented here is an English translation of research paper selected from the latest issue of
“国立特別支援教育総合研究所研究紀要”, or Bulletin of The National Institute of Special Needs Education.

Practical Tasks and Approaches to School Evaluation Based on the Characteristics of Special Needs Schools [435KB pdfファイル] 
OOUCHI Susumu                                                                                                     36


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